A Trial License is a temporary copy of VERICUT used for testing and evaluation purposes.

Note: Trial requests require prior CGTech approval.


Your Customer Id is located in VERICUT. Go to the Help menu item and select License. At the top of the License page you will see your Customer Id #.

A MAC Address is the unique network ID number or system ID of the target computer that will run the VERICUT license server process. HOW DO I FIND MY MAC ADDRESS? A valid Windows MAC Address is 12 characters and contains only 0-9 numbers and A-F alpha characters. A utility program called hostinfo.bat is provided with the VERICUT installer. This program displays the MAC Address. If you do not have access to the VERICUT installer, you can do the following: 1) From a Command Prompt window type:ipconfig/all 2) Report the 12 character Physical Address value found under the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection section. e.g.: “00-AA-00-A8-D8-98”. Should you have any problems retrieving the proper MAC Address information, please contact Technical Support

A Host Name is the name of the computer that will run the VERICUT license server process, as it is identified on your network. Should you have any problems retrieving the proper Host Name information, please contact technical support.

Important information about using VERICUT’s License Server on a Windows Virtual Machine. If your company does not utilize Virtual Machines, you can stop reading now. If you intend to install VERICUT’s license server on a Virtual Machine, you must tell us. A standard VERICUT license will not work from a Virtual Machine. There is no additional charge for a Virtual-enabled license.

If you agree to the above conditions, type "I understand and agree". The license trial request will not be processed unless completed.



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